WONCA 2013: Shifting perspectives in healthcare: becoming partners with patients

The workshop Shifting perspectives in healthcare: becoming partners with patients will be held during the WONCA World 2013 Conference Prague on Thursday 27th June 2013, at 2pm (room Club E). 

Organised by the Vasco da Gama Movement and WONCA Europe, moderated by Carl Steylaerts, Charilaos (Harris) Lygidakis, Raquel Gomez-Bravo and Greg Irving.



The Internet-savvy users, the so called e-patients, seek online health information, connect and collaborate with others and take advantage of this medium not only for decision making and management of their own condition, but also for education and advocacy purposes. The connectivity and the wide availability of a large amount of data, thanks to worldwide health databases, mobile devices and personal health records, enable the patients to play an active role in healthcare at an individual and community level, as shown by the connected communities of care and the movement of participatory medicine.

Relationships between clinicians and patients are bound to be transformed fundamentally. In this context, it is crucial now, more than ever, that Family Doctors become partners with patients and lead the way into a new paradigm of Medicine.


The aim of this interactive workshop is to present this ever evolving scene and explore the ways with which Primary Care and Family Medicine can stay relevant.

Expected Results

This workshop will try to show that the Internet is not a grocery shop, but a vast field with four corners: the corner of what is known (evidence), the corner of what we feel (gut feeling), the corner of what we think (fantasy, perception) and the corner of what we want (dreams, hope).

We expect that by the end of the workshop we will have discussed some of the characteristics of the e-patient communities and outlined some strategies for the cooperation with this new generation of empowered patients.


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