WWPWFM recruiting female family doctors

WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM) is recruiting female family doctors at the early stage of their careers for participation in a research project entitled "What do female family doctors around the world believe influences their professional resilience during transitional life events".


They are planning to select a range of participants to interview via Skype over next 2 months.  


The study's advert reads:


Are you a female family doctor?


How have you managed your career whilst going through major life events like getting married, having children, divorce, moving house or ill health?


We are an international study team based in the UK and USA, affiliated with the WONCA Working Party for Women in Family Medicine (WWPWFM).  We are studying the experiences of women family doctors around the world, as they work on maintaining their professional lives during lifecycle events.


Would you be interested in talking to us? 


If you would like to take part please e-mail us on: WWPWFM.lifecycle@uea.ac.uk


We will take some details and then arrange an online Skype interview.


We hope to hear from you soon!




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