YDM Collaboration #FMChangemakers

Contact Person: Christopher Patrick Reichel (Austria) & Hassna Erami (France).


Description: This initiative was born out of a working group at the Vasco de Gama Movement Preconference of WONCA Europe Conference 2014, in Lisbon, Portugal.


Initially, known as #VdGMChangeMakers, the group was formed to develop tools and resources to aid young GPs interested in initiating changes in their local and national health and education systems. It has evolved since its inception to become an international community for communication and collaboration between young GPs interested in change management and innovation, with participants from Europe, the U.S., Asia and Africa.


The primary platform for this evolution has been social media. The group became notorious for their presence on Facebook and Twitter, most notably the regular #FMChangeMakers Tweetchats.


The group aims to analyse the contribution of tweetchats to the evolution of the #FMChangeMakers network so as to determine the value of further investment in developing the culture of Tweetchats, as well as provide possible lessons for other projects/communities. The basic topics for the working groups are:

- Professional networking & collaboration

- Communication skills & patient empowerment

- Access to & generation of independent evidence and guidelines for primary care

- Improving image and policy in family medicine and primary care.


As the general idea of the #FMChangeMakers project is Change, so everything within the project is open to change, innovation and improvement. The group warmly welcomes creative minds in primary care to share their ideas with them.