VdGM Executive

President: Katarzyna Nessler

VdGM President 2019-2021, mother to two energetic boys, wife to a surgeon, family doctor, academic teacher, owner of two dogs, loves skiing, playing tennis and travelling.

Email: president@vdgm.eu
Secretary: Berk Geroğlu

VdGM Secretary 2014-2020, husband to Betul, likes travelling, watching movies and xbox games and is working for better primary care and universal health coverage for all.

Email: secretary@vdgm.eu
Treasurer: Nicholas Mamo

VdGM Treasurer 2017 - date. Loves to travel, immerse himself in different cultures, as well as spend time with family and friends. Passionate about social medicine, he believes that this is the best way to see big improvements in health outcomes.

Email: treasurer@vdgm.eu
Exchange Officer: Nina Monteiro

Feminist, travel addict, amateur photographer, cat lover.

Email: exchange@vdgm.eu
Events Officer: Elena Klusova

Adrenaline addict, in love with the world of Emergency, has a special passion for the humanity of Family Medicine; an inexhaustible defender of absolute justice and honesty.

Email: events@vdgm.eu
Awards & Fundraising Officer: Vera Silva

Finished the Family Medicine residency in 2019; she loves to connect with others.

Email: awards@vdgm.eu
Image Officer: Kristina Ziuteliene

A passionate family medicine advocate and proud Lithuanian, interested in medical education, gender medicine and primary care management issues.

Email: image@vdgm.eu
Policy Officer: Julien Artigny

Travel addict and LGBT advocate, passionate about associative/NGO works, loves working on equity, fairness and empowerment in Family Medicine.

Email: policy@vdgm.eu
Liaison to Wonca Europe Executive: Sonia Tsukagoshi

A London GP, lecturer and researcher in Japan who plans entire day around her meals and loves to cook, eat and take photos.

Email: secretary@vdgm.eu
Immediate Past President: Claire Marie Thomas

VdGM President 2017-2019, mother to Arabella, wife to Stuart, keen world traveller and passionate about equitable access to healthcare for all.

Email: secretary@vdgm.eu