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To help you find your way around and get an overview of Dublin and the various locations, we have created a Forum map. By exploring this map you should get a better understanding of where the Forum venue is located in relation to accommodation and the sights and attractions of Dublin.


Being an island on the western edge of Europe means that most people will fly to Ireland, but for those who prefer alternative means of travel, there are other options. The page “Getting to Ireland” will try to cover all the possibilities.


We are very excited about the Forum venue, Chartered Accountants House, which is right in the heart of Dublin City Centre. The webpage “The Forum Venue” gives more information on Chartered Accountants House.


When it comes to accommodation, Dublin is not the cheapest city in Europe. However, by booking early and using some of the links we have provided, it is possible to source good value accommodation. The page “Accommodation in Dublin”  covers a wide variety of accommodation options in most price ranges.


Dublin is a flat city and almost everything of interest is within walking distance of the Forum venue and most of the central city centre accommodation. It is also well served by a range of modes of public transport, and more detail on the public transport options can be found on the webpage “Public Transport in Dublin & Ireland”.


Closer to the time of the Forum we will publish information on attractions and sights in Dublin plus events which are taking place at the same time as the Forum. The webpage “Things to do in Dublin & General Information” will also give additional useful information about Dublin and Ireland.


In addition to the information which is contained on the above webpages, there are also a number of websites which are good general sources of information on all aspects of arrival into and accommodation in Ireland as well as general tourist information and travel arrangements in Ireland. Closer to the time of the Forum we will publish much more detailed information about Dublin history, culture, travel and events, but for now some good general information websites include:

The Irish Tourist Board

Wikitravel Dublin

For more information see here:

“Getting to Ireland”

“Accommodation in Dublin”

“Public Transport in Dublin & Ireland”