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Council Exchange Group Executive
Image Team Public SIG Emergency Medicine
SIG Equally Different SIG Family Doctors on the Move SIG Family Violence
SIG Mental Health SIG Migrant Care, International Health and Travel Medicine SIG Research
SIG Wellbeing SIGs VdGMians


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President President-elect Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE)
Promising Research Award Saint-Exupery Network Secretary
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QC patient's category QC5 victim of violence QC51 gender-based violence
QD doctor's issue QD6 medico legal issue QD7 professional image
QP patient issue QP1 patient safety QP3 quality of health care
QP4 patient perspective QP6 patient participation QP61 social network
QR research QR4 research network QS structure of practice
QS1 primary care setting QS3 practice relationship QS4 primary care provider
QS41 family doctor QS42 nurse practitioner QS43 midwife
QS44 allied health professional QS441 physiotherapist QS442 social worker
QS443 psychologist QS45 family caregiver QS46 pharmacist
QT knowledge management QT2 training QT22 vocational training
QT23 continuous medical education QT3 quality assurance QT35 accreditation
QT4 knowledge translation QT41 publishing QT42 online knowledge-sharing
QT44 electronic communication