Bursaries Edinburgh Forum - pilot project

Submitted by christian on Sat, 30th October 2021 - 14:52


See also on the new permanent page (located in the menu under "Activities") regarding this project.


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Applications Open: VdGM Family Violence SIG Lead

Submitted by christian on Sat, 30th October 2021 - 14:37


We have an open position for the Family Violence SIG Lead, as Nina Monteiro will sadly be stepping down shortly. We thank her for all her hard work!

VdGM Family Violence SIG is a vibrant group focused on improving understanding and awareness around issues of violence against women and intimate partner violence.

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VdGM advocates for Portuguese FM Training

Submitted by christian on Sun, 26th September 2021 - 13:31


After extensive discussion we VdGMians decided to raise our voice for our young Portuguese colleagues who face possible FM training degradation.
See the attached statement, signed by our president for our views on this important matter.

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Antalya Conference Exchange LIVE Oct 18-24

Submitted by christian on Wed, 15th September 2021 - 22:31


It's live and it's hot - see the pdf for Details and apply fast. 5 places.

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Call for new PCDE Liaison

Submitted by christian on Tue, 20th July 2021 - 22:39


We are looking for a new team member - interested in the work of VdGM as well as the GP way of tackling Diabetes?
Apply for the new Liaison position to PCDE.
Details in the softly colored pdf.

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Annual Report and VdGM Guide

Submitted by christian on Sun, 4th July 2021 - 07:52


In order to lower the barrier to engage with us our team has produced two appealing new documents which we want to share with you in time for our first live meeting in years in beautiful Amsterdam tomorrow:

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VdGM Amsterdam Digital Exchange

Submitted by christian on Fri, 11th June 2021 - 20:40


8th of July VdGM Netherlands will host this year's preconference Exchange - digital.
So you always wanted to know about Dutch health care? Register at the Preconference Website - up to 100 places are available.

see pdf of announcement for details

The Preconference on 5th and 6th of July 2021 will be hybrid, so you can attend the live event at the KIT Tropical institute, Amsterdam.

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