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EQuiP Summer Schools ! France & Denmark in 2014

20th May 2014
Quality and Safety in health care are key factors of all the European Health Systems. At the moment these dimensions have been addressed mostly in hospitals. Their development in primary care raises many issues for professionals as well as researchers.
The Summer Schools aim to enable health professionals to initiate or improve a QI project of there own.
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Conference Exchange - Canary Island

20th May 2014
The Spanish VdGM representatives just announced a Conference Exchange in Canary Island. The ocasion is the next National Congress that will be held in June.
There are 6 places available for GP trainees / Junior GPs
First come-first served rule
Accommodation during the 3 days of the rotation in the GP practice (8th of June - 11th of June)
Rotation in a GP practice from the 9th to the 11th of June
Expected arrival: 8th of June
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29th April 2014
You are enthusiastic about the future of Family Medicine in your home country and beyond? We welcome candidates for the Executive Group of VdGM beyond the Europe Council members! If you are interested please send an email to secretary@vdgm.eu. You will receive further information about the procedure to become an official candidate by mail.
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Hurry up if you want to register for the VdGM Preconference !

18th April 2014


Only 2 days left to register for the event of the summer: the VdGM Preconference ! We're celebrating 10 years of the Vasco da Gama Movement and we promise it is an event worth attending!

Details about registration are available here.


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VdGM's Commemorative Book

12th March 2014

As you may know, this is a special year for the Vasco da Gama Movement! It’s our 10th Anniversary and to mark this event, we are preparing a commemorative book.


In this book, we want to write part of our history and our aims to the future through the words of the people that created this movement and the ones that keep it alive and in constant development!


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Summer School on Global Health

3rd March 2014

Do you want to make a difference by improving global health? What are the existing global health challenges and what are the social and ethical issues involved? Look at health beyond the medicinal perspective and learn about health programmes that include more general initiatives. 


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