Call for applications: VdGM Fund Bursaries to attend Torino Forum

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Tue, 23rd July 2019 - 23:20


Dear VdGM members,


We are happy to open the call for applications to receive bursaries for attending the Torino forum this upcoming September. Please see the attached document for further details on the applications process. Should you have any questions, please contact our awards and fundraising officer


Your VdGM team

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Nominate your colleagues for the 2019 edition of VdGM Being Young Staying Young (BYSY) Award

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Tue, 23rd July 2019 - 23:16


Dear VdGM members,


The VdGM Being Young Staying Young Award is a prestigious award that recognised an individual of significance and substance within the VdGM sphere; an individual who over a prolonged period of time had made a valuable and key contribution to VdGM. A recipient should be an individual who has not only contributed to and influenced the development of VdGM, but also epitomizes, espouses and evokes in others the youthful mindset which characterises and underpins the heart, soul and ethos of VdGM.


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VdGM Fons Sips Outstanding Achievement Award Winner 2019

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Sat, 29th June 2019 - 12:51



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Message from VdGM President Katarzyna Nessler

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Sat, 29th June 2019 - 11:50


Dear VdGM Community members,


We as a network ar starting off a new term under the presidency of Katarzyna Nessler. Here is a little message she wanted to share with us :


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VdGM Issues a response to Astana Declaration

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Fri, 28th June 2019 - 00:25


Dear VdGM community,


During the course of VdGM Pre-Conference 2019 in Bratislava, we have shared and issued a response to Astana Decaration. Please find  the response attached. A pecial thanks to all the contributors. Should you have any questions or inquieries about the response, please do not hesitate to contact our policy officer Julien Artigny


With best regards,

VdGM team

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In Memoriam Yvonne van Leeuwen

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Fri, 28th June 2019 - 00:03



" The new generations of family doctors will hopefully enjoy their work as a GP as much as I have done.  I hope that future Vasco da Gama GPs and trainees will promote general practice as the jewel of health care in front of political and social audiences."
Yvonne van Leeuwen, GP, PhD – the Netherlands

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „Yvonne van Leeuwen wonca“

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A message from departing VdGM president Dr. Claire Marie Thomas

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Thu, 27th June 2019 - 08:05


Dear VdGM Community members,


As the VdGM preconference in Bratislava came to an end we have wished a farewell to our now immediate past president Dr. Claire Marie Thomas. Her term was filled with many new exciting developments for our network and has strenghtened the community in many ways. In her departing seech Claire has touched upon many challenges which family medicine and we as doctors face, however hope and positivity for the brighter future are still standing strong.  


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