COVID-19: Canceled events

Submitted by Luis de Pinho-Costa on Thu, 19th March 2020 - 19:06


Image by Gerd Altmann (Pixabay License).



In face of the global effort to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, we wish to inform the cancellation of the following events:

2020 Paris Conference Exchange (16-21 March 2020)

2020 Madrid Conference Exchange (22-28 March 2020)

2020 Swiss Conference Exchange (30 March - 04 April 2020)

2020 Šibenik Conference Exchange (19-24 May 2020)


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VdGM Newletter 2020 Issue 1: COVID-19 Outbreak

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Tue, 10th March 2020 - 23:55


Dear members,

As we are all facing a challenge of the COVID-19 outbreak and spread globally - we are at the frontline of it as healthcare providers. Therefore, we would like to share a compilation of information in a newsletter to assist you in absorbing the most quality and up-to-date news. 

VdGM team 

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Important announcement regarding exchanges and COVID-19 outbreak

Submitted by Kristina Ziuteliene on Sun, 8th March 2020 - 21:58


Dear colleagues,


Due to the current situation related with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak we expect that some constraints with our exchange programs may happen affecting both Conference Exchanges and permanently ongoing Hippokrates and FM360 Exchanges.

Though we are sorry for this situation we continue working to assure all the colleagues with already planned exchanges or requested ones are given the opportunity to undertake these experiences in the near future.

Thank you for understanding


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Suggested reading

Submitted by Luis de Pinho-Costa on Wed, 4th March 2020 - 22:18


All the love and greatest congratulations goes to our colleagues K. Greenan, S. Tsukagoshi and S. Holmes for publishing an article Discovering the European Young GP Movement: The 6th Vasco da Gama Movement Forum! This is a prime example what VdGM spirit endures and the amazing legacy it creates upon the young GPs/FMPs all across the continent.

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Call for applications: Junior Researcher Award 2020

Submitted by Luis de Pinho-Costa on Sun, 1st March 2020 - 17:29


Are you an aspiring researcher? Do you wish to represent your country with your research work? Do you look forward to joining our Research Champions?

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Call for applications: VdGM Fund Bursaries for WONCA Europe Conference 2020

Submitted by Luis de Pinho-Costa on Sun, 1st March 2020 - 16:35


Are you wishing you could attend WONCA Europe Conference in Berlin but find yourself struggling to cover the costs?

The deadline to submit your application to the VdGM Fund Busaries is April 3rd, 2020.

Please read the attached document for further details on the applications process.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Awards & Fundraising Officer via

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Join us for early access to new features

Submitted by Luis de Pinho-Costa on Tue, 25th February 2020 - 21:44


Are you eager to experiment some yet-to-be-released, exciting new features on the VdGM website?

We are quietly beta testing what will become a bunch of awesome new tools for VdGMians.

Join us for early access, and let us know about your experience with the website / new features.

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