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President: Nicholas Mamo (Malta)
Term: Feb 2021 - To date

Loves to travel, immerse himself in different cultures, as well as spend time with family and friends. Passionate about social medicine, he believes that this is the best way to see big improvements in health outcomes.

Secretary: Kerry Greenan (United Kingdom)
Term: Sep 2020 - To date

Finishing GP training in 2021, based in London but takes every opportunity to travel and see the world. Passionate about healthcare for all.

WONCA Member Organisation: Royal College of General Practitioners

Treasurer: Nadia Toumi (The Netherlands)
Term: Sep 2020 - To date

Loves cooking and baking for family and friends, to spend time in nature, discover new places, meet people from other cultures - both inside and outside the consultation room.

Awards & Fundraising Officer: Marta Kurdzielewicz (Poland)
Term: Sep 2020 - To date
Events Officer: Alessio Platania (Italy)
Term: Sep 2020 - To date Note: Italian GP and Psychosexual Counsellor living in London, interests about sexual/mental health and digital healthcare. Enthusiast about skating, diving and any outdoors activities
Events Officer: İkbal Hümay Arman (Turkey)
Term: Jan 2022 - To date

Turkish Family Medicine Specialist who wants to research and strengthen people about health literacy. Loves marbling art, traveling and also creating permanent memories with photos, videos and dronies.

Exchange Officer: Rocio Garcia-Gutierrez Gomez (Spain)
Term: Sep 2020 - To date
Image Officer: Christian Rechtenwald (Germany)
Term: Sep 2020 - To date

Husband to Fee, Father to Benjamin, loves painting his own picture of modern family medicine & bond with fellow GP artists.

Policy Officer: Ana Cristina Franco Spínola (Portugal)
Term: Jun 2021 - To date

Family Medicine trainee in Portugal (Madeira Island). Interested in creating sustainable changes in the lives of our communities. 

An active wellbeing promoter, appreciator of the pure and simple pleasures in life.

President-elect: Stuart Holmes (United Kingdom)
Term: Mar 2018 - To date

Stuart is a trainee family doctor in Manchester and evangelical about VdGM conference exchanges! 

WONCA Member Organisation: Royal College of General Practitioners.

National Young Doctors Movements: Junior International Committee of the Royal College of General Practitioners (JIC RCGP)

Liaison to WE: Aaron Poppleton ()
Term: Jul 2021 - To date

NMO: Royal College of General Practitioners