Preconference 2005 Kos


The second pre-conference meeting for Junior Doctors in GP/FM took place on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2005 in Kos - Greece, preceding the 11th WONCA Europe conference. It was hosted by the Greek Association of General Practitioners and organised by the Vasco da Gama Movement in collaboration with the 2005 WONCA Europe Conference Host Organising Committee and EURACT under the aegis of WONCA Europe.
18 European countries responded positively to the invitational letter and each sent 1-2 junior doctors to the pre-conference meeting. In addition Greece was represented by 18 delegates. Consequently a total of 52 participants from 19 countries participated this year.
The delegates were distributed in groups of 10-11 participants, each guided by two experienced facilitators - one board member of the European Academy of Teachers (EURACT) and one Greek GP/FM teacher. Every group started on beforehand working in internet discussion groups where they introduced themselves, exchanged relevant documents and shortly presented their national health care system and educational system.
The pre-conference meeting consisted of workshops with a short introduction to the theme, interactive sessions in the groups and plenary presentations and discussions of the results.
Conclusions and selected items from the pre-conference meeting were presented in three workshops during the main conference, attracting the young and future GPs who could not attend the pre-conference, teachers in GP/FM and all participants with interest in the issues of education, recruitment and VdGM development.
Themes for the pre-conference meeting in Kos were:
1. Implementation of the EURACT document: The Educational Agenda of GP/FM.
The aim was to promote the concept of good educational guidelines outlined by the Agenda of GP/FM. Issues in the application of the Agenda were discussed from the users` point of view.
2. Recruitment issues in GP/FM career.
The aim was to reflect on the positive aspects of working as a GP, and based on these reflections develop strategies to improve recruitment to the profession in the future.
3. Vasco da Gama Movement.
The aim was to introduce the VdGM to the participants, to encourage new ideas and views on VdGM development as well as to discuss the role of the movement. The General Meeting supported the VdGM development and the coregroup of 12 delegates from Amsterdam were mandated. Specific Theme Groups were stated and interested participants volunteered to join the groups.