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Exchange Theme Group

Exchange Coordinators

This is the list of the Coordinators for participating countries; this makes up the VdGM Exchange team.

Objectives of the Hippokrates Exchange Co-ordinator

The objectives of the Hippokrates Exchange Co-ordinator are to:
- Co-ordinate VdGM Exchange Team activity
- Co-ordinate an annual VdGM Exchange meeting at WONCA Europe conference
- Maintain the VdGM Exchange section of the website up to date

Objectives of the National Exchange Co-ordinator & Team

The objectives of the National Exchange Co-ordinators are to:
- Promote professional General Practice vocational exchanges in their country.
- Liaise with other National Exchange Co-ordinators & the VdGM Exchange Liaison Person.
- Establish a National Exchange Team by appointing a team of Regional Exchange Co-ordinators within their country to work alongside them and support exchange activities regionally.

The Vasco da Gama Movement Exchange Theme Group

The aims and objectives of the Exchange theme group are to participate in the development of family medicine in Europe by stimulating and increasing the exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst GP trainees and junior GPs.

This can be done through:

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