Preconference 2016

GPtopia on YouTube

The Best Of GPtopia, VdGM Pre-conference 2016, is now available for you to binge watch on YouTube!


2016 VdGM Pre-conference programme

The 2016 VdGM Pre-conference is less than one month away! Are you ready?


Message from the VdGM President

The WONCA Europe Conference 2016 and its VdGM Pre-conference are almost upon us, and we are all very excited to see what the Copenhagen Pre-conference Host Organising Committee has prepared for us.

VdGM Pre-conference Exchange, 13th June 2016, Copenhagen

The exchange on June 13 2016 in a Danish GP Clinic aims to give 30 European GP trainees or Junior GPs a taste of the Danish Primary Care System just before the VdGM Pre-conference and the Wonca Europe Conference. The Danish GPs are looking forward to welcoming you!


VdGM Pre-conference 2016


The 2016 VdGM Pre-conference will take place in Copenhagen from the 14th to the 15th of June 2016, just prior to the WONCA Europe Conference 2016 (15th to 18th of June).


Preconference 2016 Copenhagen

WONCA Europe 2016 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the Bella Center Wednesday 15 June to Saturday 18 June.


The preconference, organized by the Vasco da Gama Movement, will take place from Tuesday 14 June to Wednesday 15 June.


Much more to be announced later.


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