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Call for applications: VdGM WONCA Europe Liaison

dDear VdGM members,


We invite you to send in your applications for the position of VdGM - WONCA Europe liaison position. Please find the job describtion as well as additional terms and conditions that apply listed in the documents added below. 


Main points to consider: 

Extended deadline: application for the WONCA Europe task group on sponsorships

The WONCA Europe Executive Board has decided to extend the deadline for submitting applications for the WONCA Europe Sponsorship Policy Group.


Nominations for the WONCA Europe Conference Committee

On behalf of the WONCA Europe Executive Board, we invite you to nominate candidates for the election of one representative in the WONCA Europe Conference Committee.

Please see the attached documents for more information.


The deadline for nominations is 25 November 2016.



Application for the WONCA Europe task group on sponsorships

Dear Colleagues,


WONCA Europe has developed guidelines that determine the terms under which external sponsorships can be accepted for events, projects and other initiatives.

However, such guidelines were last revised during the Council meeting in the 2007 Conference in Paris.

Further work is needed to update it and make it more relevant reflecting the increasing representation and influence of WONCA Europe.


VdGM on WONCA Europe Newsletter

Have you read the first issue of the WONCA Europe Newsletter?

It's filled to the brim with the latest news on VdGM as well as other initiatives and events affiliated with WONCA Europe.


European Journal of General Practice seeks a Junior Editor

The European Journal of General Practice, the official journal of WONCA Europe, is looking for a Junior Editor to complete its Editorial Team.


Rising Stars in the 14th PCDE International Conference

Have you heard of a Special Interest Group of WONCA Europe named Primary Care Diabetes Europe Group (PCDE)?


WONCA Condolences to French Colleagues

It has come to our attention that not everyone may be aware of the WONCA Europe Statement which was released following the recent terror attacks in Paris.

Harris Lygidakis is the New Honorary Secretary for WONCA Europe


It's with great pleasure that we announce the new Honorary Secretary for WONCA Europe Harris Lygidakis, the former VdGM President.



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