COVID-19: Amendments to VdGM elections policy

Amendments to VdGM elections policy during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic adopted on 2020-05-01

In order to facilitate elections to the Executive during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the Good Governance Committee, at the request of the VdGM President, has prepared the attached temporary amendments to the VdGM elections policy.
The elections will proceed as described in the existing elections policy (attached) except for these six amendments, which will take precedence over what is in the existing policy.

Call for applications: VdGM Executive

Invitation to bid for the 8th VdGM Forum

Photo: Black Marble by NASA Earth Observatory (CC BY 2.0).


Where to will VdGM sail in 2022? The VdGM Executive Group invites Council Members to submit bids to host the 8th VdGM Forum.

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National Delegate of Tajikistan: vacant

WONCA Member Organisation: Public Organization National Association of Family Medicine Workers of Tajikistan.

National Delegate of Kosovo: vacant

WONCA Member Organisation: Association of Family Physicians of Kosovo (AFPK).

National Delegate of Georgia: vacant

WONCA Member Organisation: Georgia Family Medicine Association.

VdGM Constitution adopted on 2019-06-25


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