Womens Health

The group was an idea that came up near the stand of EYFDM in London this past conference 2022, after attending a SIG Family Violence workshop.
My interest in Women's health (and knowing the existence of that group in the Wonca World) made me wonder why not to create one for ourselves, to work for young doctors and patients. A few colleagues agreed with the plan and we set the basis for it to happen.

Special Interest Group on Planetary Health

SIG Lead: Oisín Brady Bates.

The aims of the group are to advocate for and develop strategies to promote awareness and positive practice strategies amongst family medicine practitioners in relation to planetary health issues.

Emergency Medicine SIG looking for new lead

We have an open position for the Emergency Medicine SIG Lead, as Elena Klusova will be stepping down shortly to support and continue motivating us from the position of Chair of WONCA Special Interest Group on Emergency Medicine. We thank her for all her revolutionary passion, energy, and all the hard work!

Mailing List

In fall 2021 this mailing list was started as another useful source of information about VdGM activities. Feel free to sign up.

Applications Open: VdGM Family Violence SIG Lead

We have an open position for the Family Violence SIG Lead, as Nina Monteiro will sadly be stepping down shortly. We thank her for all her hard work!

VdGM Family Violence SIG is a vibrant group focused on improving understanding and awareness around issues of violence against women and intimate partner violence.

VdGM Bridge Project - apply

We are proud to launch the NEW VdGM Bridge Project. This is a team program of the VdGM Aspire and VdGM Exchange group.

Call for applications: Junior Researcher Award 2020

Are you an aspiring researcher? Do you wish to represent your country with your research work? Do you look forward to joining our Research Champions?

Call for applications: VdGM Executive

EQuiP 2020 Conference

Abstract submission for EGPRN Gothenburg meeting extended

Abstract submission for the EGPRN Gothenburg Meeting has been extended until January 31st, 2020. THEME: "Digital medicine and e-health".

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Special Interest Group on Workforce Migration: Family doctors on the move

Lead: Alessio Platania (Italy) & Sonia Tsukagoshi (UK).

Special Interest Group on Wellbeing

Lead: Siamak Zahmat (The Netherlands).

Special Interest Group on Emergency Medicine

Lead: Elena Klusova (Spain).


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