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Bursaries for WONCA / VdGM London Conference

The Vasco da Gama Movement Fund aims to support the visit of two young GPs, preferrably with low income and relatively new to VdGM, to the VdGM Preconference as well as the following WONCA Europe Conference in London 2022 with up to 800€.

Could it be you?

2021 Junior Research Award Runner-up 2: Ebrahim Mulla

Awarded project: „Proactive frailty identification – a good idea? A sequential mixed-
methods study of GP”
Dr Ebrahim Mulla achieved his MRCGP in 2021 and is working as an NHS General
Practitioner in the East Midlands region of England.  He is the First5 representative for
the Leicester Faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners and is a Committee
member for the Primary Care Academic Collaborative, a UK-wide primary care research
Proactive frailty identification – a good idea? A sequential mixed-methods study of GP

2021 Junior Researcher Award Runner-up: 1. Aviel Nagar

Awarded project: „The UTI Diagnostic Tool Study”
My name is Aviel Nagar, I’m 32 years old, married+1 and I’m a resident at the family
medicine department of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) since 06/20. I’ve graduated
medical school at the Technion and graduated my internship at Hillel Yaffe medical center
at 2016 with honors. I’ve been practice medicine since 2017, first as a general practitioner

2021 Junior Research Award: Peter Kurotschka (Italy)

Awarded project: “General practitioners’ experiences during the first phase of the
COVID-19 pandemic in Italy: a critical incident technique study”
Peter completed his GP vocational training on January 2021 in Cagliari, Italy. Soon during
his training he became passionate about general practice research and since 2018 he
worked together with his colleagues on several projects as an independent researcher,
with a focus on quality of care. Since 2019, he leads the still ongoing Broad-Spectrum

2022 Forum Bursary Recipient: Mariya Armova (Bulgaria)

My VdGM Experience

2022 Forum Bursary Recipient: Maria János Szidónia (Romania)

I am deeply impressed and truly grateful for being chosen as one of the VdGM bursary recipients
for Forum in Edinburgh. It seems so unbelievable - even if quite a few days have already passed
since the event - that despite of the uncertainty of pandemic times I had the opportunity to attend
the VdGM Forum in Edinburgh 2022.
As one of the greatest highlights of the Forum besides of its high standard and challenging
scientific content I would mention the cultural diversity of its delegates, it really brought me

2021 Fons Sips Award: Marina Jotić Ivanović

Marina Jotić Ivanović is a 35 year-old family specialist who has been awarded the Fons Sips
Outstanding Achievement Award in 2021. The Vasco da Gama Movement is honoured to present
Marina as our WONCA World Rising Star Award nominee.
Involvement in activities that are linked to primary care on the local ground:
Strengthening local services- lobbying for a mobile mammography service.
Coordinating work during the pandemic- she was appointed as the Coordinator of COVD-19

2022 BYSY Award Raquel Gomez Bravo

Raquel Gomez Bravo

Earn the Junior Research Award 2022

Young and promising researches of the VdGM and friends arise.
Here comes the freshest Junior Research Award ever, enabling you to shine light onto your research projects during WONCA 2022.
Apply soon following the regulations in the attached document


...make another step to fm science fame.

Extended: BYSY Award 21

The Being Young Staying Young Award is the opportunity to appreciate senior General Practitioners who advocated and contributed to the Vasco da Gama Movement.

VdGM Fund: 2x 500€ Edinburgh Forum

The Vasco da Gama Movement Fund for the VdGM Forum Edinburgh 2022

Full Text in attached pdf.

Bursaries Edinburgh Forum - pilot project

See also on the new permanent page (located in the menu under "Activities") regarding this project.


Subsidy Pilot for middle-income countries


2021 Second Prize Urban 360º Exchange Award: Eva Leceaga Gaztambide (Spain)

Hosted by: Shyamalee Saramarayanake (Sri Lanka).


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