Exchange Awards

2021 Second Prize Urban 360º Exchange Award: Eva Leceaga Gaztambide (Spain)

Hosted by: Shyamalee Saramarayanake (Sri Lanka).

VdGM Exchange Awards Winners 2020

Image by Mohamed Hassan (Pixabay License).


It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the 2020 VdGM Exchange Awards!  




2020 Carosino Prize: Emilie Couchman (UK)

Hosted by: Herman Van Enter (The Netherlands).

2020 Hippokrates Prize: Radhika Khanna (UK)

Hosted by: Raluca Zoitanu (Romania).

2019 Carosino Prize: Giulia Schiavi (Italy)

Hosted by: Holly Tyson (UK).


2019 Hippokrates Prize: Neelam Parmar (UK)

Hosted by: Cristiano Figueiredo (Portugal).

VdGM Exchange Awards 2020

Dear members, It is our pleasure to announce the annual call for the VdGM Exchange Awards 2020. We will be giving away two awards: Carosino - for best completed rural exchange practice of the year, and Hippokrates - for the best completed urban practice of the year.

2018 Carosino Prize: Pedro Tiago Pinto (Portugal)

Hosted by: Dr. Charalampos Vittorakis (Greece).

2018 Hippokrates Prize: Katriona Graham (UK)

Hosted by:  Dr Mieke Smits (The Netherlands).


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