Exchange Awards

VdGM Exchange Awards 2019

Dear VdGM community members,


We would like to announce our annual exchanges' awards call. If you have participated in one of our exchanges this past year - this is a great opportunity to receive an award for it. For conditions and deadlines of the process please refer to the attached document below. Best of luck!


Exchange Awards 2018

Dear members,


With great enthusiasm we would like to announce the beggining of the application process for the 2018 edition of the VdGM exchange awards. Please find attached the information on the procedure. As always - should you have any furter questions or inquieries, please feel free to contact us!



2017 Carosino Prize: Ana Rita Coutinho (Portugal)

Hosted by: Charalampos Vittorakis (Crete, Greece).

2017 Hippokrates Prize: André Nguyen Van Nhieu (France)

Hosted by: Simon Thornton (Bristol, UK).

2016 Carosino Prize: Simon Thornton (UK)

Hosted by: Anne Birgitte V. Andersen (Denmark).

2016 Hippokrates Prize: Cristiano Figueiredo (Portugal)

Hosted by: Vikesh Sharma (London, UK)

Awards Ceremony at WONCA Europe 2016

2015 Carosino Prize: Ana Catarina Henriques de Carvalho (Portugal)

Hosted by: (Mont-de-Marsan, France).

2014 Carosino Prize: Gemma Rovino Marcelino (Spain)

Hosted by: Friederich Ritter (Gasen, Austria).


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