Wall of Fame

Exchange Awards

2019 Carosino Prize: Giulia Schiavi (Italy)

Hosted by: Holly Tyson (UK).


2019 Hippokrates Prize: Neelam Parmar (UK)

Hosted by: Cristiano Figueiredo (Portugal).

2018 Carosino Prize: Pedro Tiago Pinto (Portugal)

Hosted by: Dr. Charalampos Vittorakis (Greece).

2018 Hippokrates Prize: Katriona Graham (UK)

Hosted by:  Dr Mieke Smits (The Netherlands).

2017 Carosino Prize: Ana Rita Coutinho (Portugal)

Hosted by: Charalampos Vittorakis (Crete, Greece).

2017 Hippokrates Prize: André Nguyen Van Nhieu (France)

Hosted by: Simon Thornton (Bristol, UK).

2016 Carosino Prize: Simon Thornton (UK)

Hosted by: Anne Birgitte V. Andersen (Denmark).

2016 Hippokrates Prize: Cristiano Figueiredo (Portugal)

Hosted by: Vikesh Sharma (London, UK)

2015 Carosino Prize: Ana Catarina Henriques de Carvalho (Portugal)

Hosted by: (Mont-de-Marsan, France).

2015 Hippokrates Prize: Hugo André Malheiro Rodrigues (Portugal)

Hosted by: (Kalmar, Sweden)

2014 Carosino Prize: Gemma Rovino Marcelino (Spain)

Hosted by: Friederich Ritter (Gasen, Austria).

2014 Hippokrates Prize: Solveig Carmienke (Germany)

Hosted by: Per Kallestrup (Aarhus, Denrmak).

2013 Carosino Prize: Marie Permentier (France)

Hosted by: Angus Gallacher (Scotland, UK).

2013 Hippokrates Prize: Clara Vilavella Lizana (Spain)

Hosted by: Birgit Morre Pedersen (Aarhus, Denmark).

Read the newspiece on WONCA News.

2012 Carosino Prize: Fabrizia Farolfi (Italy)

Hosted by: David Mannings (West Sussex, UK).

Read the exchange report here.

2012 Hippokrates Prize: Pedro Azevedo (Portugal)

Hosted by: Rosalyn Dunnet (Ashorf, UK).

Read the exchange report here.